Got a great new DSLR with video capabilities or a new camcorder for Christmas?  If you did, you’re probably chomping at the bit to get started on your first masterpiece aren’t you? To do it right, you’ve got a couple choices. You could fly to California and take a Video Director’s course – for about $4,900 or spend 1% of that and get Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers in print and an eBook for $44.99.


Assuming you’ve mastered the basics of still photography, Eduardo Angel exposes you to those things that still photographers don’t have to concern themselves with…audio, movement, continuity, pacing, music and more.

Filmmaking essentials for photographers cover

Each craft has its own language and filmmaking is no different.  Start in chapter one with terms you may have never heard before and learn the five C’s of cinematography.

Filmmaking essentials for photographers Chapter One

From pre-production checklists to location scouting, you’ll do well to take notes in Chapter two.  Chapter three – Filmmaking Styles starts the creative juices flowing with script writing styles, frame rates and shutter speeds, while chapter four is another way of looking at composition. Spoiler alert, you need to remember more than just the “rule of thirds” when shooting video.

Filmmaking essentials for photographers Chapter 4

Camera movement – intended and unintended, is the gist of chapter 5. By the time you finished this chapter, you’ll appreciate your dolly, gimbal and sliders for all they can contribute.

Filmmaking essentials for photographers Chapter 6

Lighting follows with, you guessed it, all the reasons LED is the way to go.

You won’t guess these three rules for low-budget films.

Audio, for my money, is the most crucial tool of filmmaking. No one I know will watch a video for more than 60 seconds if the audio is terrible.  You’ve got to get it right, and page 92 gives you three unexpected rules for low-budget films.


Music soundtracks can make even the dullest documentary enjoyable, and page 104 has recommendations for dozens of free audio tracks that don’t break copyright regulations.

With even more tips on editing, smartphone apps, color correction and film distribution, this easy-to-understand book has a wealth of information packed into its 185 pages.  Get it in print, eBook or a combo pack of each from Rocky Nook, the publisher.


Disclosure:  We were provided with a  copy of Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers in order to write this review.  All opinions however, are strictly our own.

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