Just when you thought beer couldn’t get any better

Discovering new beers is always fun; but, discovering fabulous new beers is awesome.  Last night we discovered both a great new beer hall, the Ohio Beergarden (402 Great Northern Blvd. North Olmsted, Ohio (440) 979-1001),  as well as a great new local brewery.

Ohio Beergarden

Ohio Beergarden in Great Northern Mall

The Beergarden has overhead roll up doors, and it was almost warm enough last night to roll them up.  Come spring, we’ll definitely be back to enjoy the warmer breezes with the best of Ohio’s brews, served with awesome appetizers and meals.

Ohio Beergarden in North Olmsted, OH

The Ohio Beergarden is in the Great Northern Mall, located right next door to The RAIL, an incomparable place for burgers and more. You can’t do better for great tasting, sourced locally, beers, spirits, appetizers, lunches and dinners.

Awesome food at Oio Beergarden

They’ve spent a lot of time bringing the best of Ohio’s produce together for your enjoyment — you owe it to yourself to go and experience it.  There’s only one Beergarden, but The RAIL actually has four locations.  Check them out. We’ve got one more location to get to until we’ve completed the circuit.

Goldhorn Brewery

We were invited to the beergarden last night to meet some folks from Goldhorn Brewery (1361 E 55th St, Cleveland, OH 44103 (216) 465-1352).

Goldhorn is located on East 55th in the new hub development and is committed to creating beer that honors its old-world heritage. Hand-made, the old Slovenian way, just like the neighborhood where their brewery is located.

We tested four, very different, but all excellent beers.  The Polka City Pilsner is their flagship product and was my overall favorite as well.  Extremely refreshing, this 5.4% ABV brew features Slovenian hops. I hadn’t thought much about it, but now I’m thinking a trip to Slovenia might be in order.

Polka City Pilsner from Goldhorn Brewing

We also sampled the Fire Plug Pale Ale, a smoked ale that actually pairs well with Bourbon; the Play That Funky Music Witbier, a Belgian style witbier; and my second-most favorite – the St. Clair Winter Stout.

The Winter Stout is yet another excellent winter brew, 7.2% ABV, and spiced with cinnamon, ginger and honey. Really smooth and immensely enjoyable.

Goldhorn Brewery's winter stout

So there you have it – two new destinations you’ll truly enjoy. East side, west side…there’s something there for each of you. Enjoy.

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