Outdoor areas

In addition to the ever present palm trees, you could make an afternoon just wandering and looking at the flora and fauna around the resort.  Everything seems to thrive here.

Great white herons at Moon-Palace-Jamaica-Grand-2516

Outside the Playroom is the water playground for kids and the young at heart.  Water slides and dumping buckets of water are all safely located in this fenced area.


Outdoor, beach volleyball courts are available and if you don’t have enough people to play, the activity staff are happy to join in.

Three large outdoor pools for swimming are spaced across the resort and a few have limited seating for Elite club members only. There’s also a good sized hot tub.


Moon Palace Jamaica Grande all-inclusive resort


Walk north onto the pier and here you’ll find the Aqua Sports Center (for larger boat rides and more) as well as the entertaining Dolphin Habitat.  Swimming with the dolphins and the bigger boat rides are not included, but well worth it.

The pier separates the water into two beach areas. The north beach is where you’ll go to take out the small sailboats, paddleboards, pedalboats, and more.

The south beach is on the left of the pier, and is the area for wading and swimming. With a soft bottom and clear, clean water, you can safely wander out 100 feet or more and the water will still just be to your waist. A few small waves constantly lap the shore, but no more than a foot high at most, so it’s very safe for all ages. (If you are looking for big waves, you are on the wrong side of the island.)

Clean beaches at Jamaica Grande


If you dare, try the Flowrider, a controlled hill for surfing or body boarding.  It’s the wave that never stops. Don’t worry, there’s always an instructor to make sure you know how to attack it.

The beach that is part of the resort is approximately a half-mile long; but it extends well past the resort and you can stroll all the way into Ocho Rios if you like.


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