Truly wireless earbuds have been out for a short while now, but the typical problem is short battery life. Enter the VerveOnes ME from Motorola – a more useful, modern day answer to cordless music enjoyment. Why be tethered to your phone or tablet, when these lightweight earbuds will certainly satisfy your auditory expectations for up to eight hours?

VerveOnes ME

What's in the box with VerveOnes ME

Opening the box, you’ll discover the earbuds firmly planted in a cylindrical holder – quite elegantly done. At first, I thought the buds were permanently attached. I guess I was expecting them to fall out into my hand, but even with a gentle pull, they were still locked in place.  Turns out, by design, they firmly snap into place which is a good thing.  A firm grip easily pulls them loose when you want to use them. {Be sure to remove those little yellow stickers you see in the photographs.]


When you want to toss them in your briefcase or backpack, simply spin the dial on the bottom of the cylinder and they are cleverly closed inside.  Protected from dust, dirt and all the crud that accumulates in a backpack, this is a great design. Also, the earbuds automatically turn off when replaced in the case.

And, in the bottom of the tube is a micro-USB slot – that’s how you charge them. No specialized wall plugs or big adapters needed.

But how do they sound?

Storage is cool, but you bought them to listen to music, didn’t you?  Rich tones are the norm and are suitable for either music or voice.  With what they call TruSync technology, you get gapless audio, which I assume means no dropped signals, and from what I’ve seen, that’s true.

Pressing the button three times in quick succession will cycle through about  half-dozen preset EQ settings to suit your taste.

VerveOnes ME in use

First, turn on Bluetooth in your phone and then turn on the right earbud – it’s the only one that is connected to your phone. Press the button on the earbud until the blue LED lights, then go to your phone and pair VerveOnes ME. You’ll get a verbal confirmation through the earbud that it’s connected.

The right earbud can now be used by itself if desired, but for stereo operation, remove the left bud from the case and push the button to turn it on.  It will automatically pair to the right earbud.

Then, go about your business, enjoying your music or podcasts.  No tethers, no wires getting caught where they shouldn’t.  Just effortless, beautiful audio. Range is rated up to 100’. They are even Siri and Google compatible.

And, as a final benefit – you probably won’t lose these little guys.  They come with a free app – called Hubbel Connect for VerveLife. On a GPS map, it will show you where you last used your earbuds.

The only downside I’ve experienced – when I first started using them, the left ear bud would sporadically go silent.  Normally left alone, it would return to operation within a few seconds.  Sometimes though, I had to remove the right earbud from my ear and hold it an additional 12″ from my head, and then the left one would begin working again. It was almost like my head was too small and they were too close together.  But, while sometimes being accused of having too big a head, I’ve never been told it’s too small.

Learn more about the VerveOnes ME at their website:

Disclosure: Motorola  provided us with a sample to evaluate for this article.


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