Shooting with a small DSLR or Micro 4/3? Now there’s a versatile camera holster, called SpiderLight Backpacker that is perfect for either belt or backpack mounting.  Forget that floppy camera strap and enjoy the freedom and security of a custom bracket that security fixes your camera, but makes it immediately available when a shooting opportunity occurs.

SpiderLight Backpacker Kit

What's in the box with the SpiderLight Backpackers Kit

The SpiderLight bracket slips on most belts and makes a quick release home for your camera.  The bracket screws on the bottom of your camera, and the post that sticks out, anchors your camera to the holster.

The bracket is designed to have your lens facing backwards as you wall, protecting it from front assaults.  With just a little adjustment, you’ll begin to forget you are even wearing it on your belt.

If you are taking to the hills, or beach, or stream, or where ever, and you want your camera higher and more secure, simply install the adapter and mount the holster on the straps of your backpack (or messenger bag.) It only takes a minute or so to remount it. Now your camera is out of the way of your legs; so you can hike, climb, bike or even ride a horse. An elastic band built into the holster keeps your lens tight to your body.

Securing your camera, the holster has a small locking mechanism that securely grabs your camera bracket and prevents it from popping back out of the holster. In order to take the camera out of the holster, you can either flip the bracket out of the way with your other hand or by pushing it firmly upward, you can override the locking feature so the camera slips in and out effortlessly.

Designed with Arc-Swiss geometry, the bracket can go immediately from holster to tripod, no additional accessories needed.

Go Pro Owners rejoice

If you’ve got a GoPro, you can now use your backpack as a chest mount for your GoPro. A special small right angle bracket holds your GoPro firmly upright and front facing.

With my backpack, I noticed the straps are a bit off axis,  so my GoPro is not facing perfectly straight ahead.  With the wide angle setting, it is still more than adequate and it certainly beats trying to hand-hold the camera. I think with a new chest strap, I may be able to pull the shoulder straps more to the center which will make it even more perfectly angled.

Check out the whole line

Between singles and doubles, between belt and backpack mounts, there’s bound to be a Spider mount that is going to make your next photo shoot more fun and more profitable. See their whole line of Spider holsters and accessories here online.


Disclosure: SpiderHolster provided us with a sample to evaluate for this article.

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