Some good things come in small packages and LectroFan micro Wireless is certainly one of them.

If you live in a noisy environment, or with a snoring partner, you’ve probably heard of the benefits of a white noise machine to aid in falling and staying asleep. But, white noise machines can be expensive. Not so with the LectroFan Micro.  It’s MSRP is only $34.95.

The unit comes preloaded with five different fan sounds, four different white noise sounds and an ocean sound.  All sounds can be regulated from soft to loud.  With the built in micro-USB rechargeable battery, it will play for up to 16 hours.

But wait – there’s more…

It’s also your most compact travel Bluetooth speaker.  Despite its small form factor, it belts out plenty of sound and the sound is quite dynamic for something so tiny.  Streaming music or just boosting your YouTube videos to room filling sound levels, the LectroFan will play wirelessly up to 6 hours on one charge. Need more time?  Simply plug in a micro USB cable and keep the tunes going all day.

As a two-in-one deal, you need one of these in each of your suitcases, so you are never without.  Less than three inches in diameter, the speaker folds down for travel. Even with the head up, it’s still under 4 inches in height. And, it only weighs 0.3 pounds.


The LectroFan mini comes in black or white, and is available through


Disclosure:  We were provided with a sample in order to complete this review. Opinions however are strictly our own.

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