Ireland is a hugely popular destination for travellers of all types. Its amazing scenery and its unrivalled welcoming people are difficult not to adore! While many people are of course constrained by time on their visit, it is advisable that when you visit the Emerald Isle, you take some time to actually witness that emerald aura.  You will really only see the essence of that if you move outside its capital city of Dublin.

City of Dublin

Ireland’s capital city is a thriving metropolis which isn’t all that dissimilar to its near neighbour across the Irish Sea – London. So, try to organize some part of your tour to bring you around the countryside.

While Ireland has a reliable public transport system, the trains can be expensive and so hiring a car – especially in a group, could prove a lot more economical. Taking a road trip will really allow you to see the real Ireland, the green Ireland and it will allow you to become at one with its lively and friendly residents.

Road signage in Ireland (when you go off the beaten track) can be almost invisible at times but don’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions…and there’s always Google Maps. The guys at Killarney Hotels  have put together this fun video which will help to prepare you further and it also indicates suggestions of where you should take your route. Check it out below and happy travelling!


Guest post by Mary Smith

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