With summer and fall months calling us to be outside, often the only things holding us back are those annoying flying insects. Now, with an affordable solution, grab a Zapplight and your problem is solved. I just had the opportunity to try one myself, and I couldn’t believe the results.

Zapplight packaging

Our home backs up to some woods and down the hill is a small drainage stream, so, when the sun goes down, the bugs come up, making our deck rather unusable.  I took the Zapplight, screwed it into a portable lightholder and fastened it the side of the house.

Setting my reclining camp chair up about six feet away, there was still plenty of adequate light to read by coming from the LED bulb.  I read for two hours straight, enjoying the breeze and a bit amazed that the mosquitos weren’t out yet.

Looking directly at the lamp, I couldn’t see any bugs flying around, so I assumed they just weren’t out yet. It was only after I turned off the light and brought it inside that I saw the magic.

There had to be 50 to 100 little critters that had been zapped by the charged wires surrounding the blue light. Hurrah! It really worked as advertised – two hours of reading enjoyment and no pesky mosquitos or gnats.

Showing all the dead insects on the Zapplight

With a standard lightbulb base, the Zapplight will install inside or outside in any standard fixture. It’s certified by UL, TUV and CE, so it’s safe to use and it will protect up to 500 square feet ( more than the size of an average two-car garage.)


Check it out at their website:  http://www.myzapplight.com.


Disclosure:  Zapplight provided a light for me to test to do this review.  Opinions herein, as always, are totally my own.

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