Looking for the world’s smartest HD frame for your digital photos? Then, whether you know it or not, you need the next generation digital picture frame – Memento Smart Frame – the world’s most advanced 4K smart frame.

Memento Smart Frame

Memento Frame hanging in bedroom

You’ve undoubtedly seen those small digital frames that people put on their desks, but there hasn’t been a smart frame this size until now. The closest competitor I’ve seen comes only in a 24” size and the resolution is one-quarter of the Memento.

Competitors also do not come with a matted frame. The mat and frame are what make the Memento a truly living-room worthy piece of living art.  At first glance, people assume they are looking at a beautiful, large framed print. Only when the picture changes do they realize this is so much more.

Digital photos have revolutionized personal photography, but the downside is that fewer pictures are printed and framed.  While it’s convenient to carry them on your phone, that little screen will never reveal all the detail.

Available in 25” and 35” sizes, the 4K resolution is awesome. The 7 million pixels blend seamlessly to make a photo-realistic image, just like a 36×24 print would do. The 3:2 aspect ratio matches most of today’s digital cameras so you won’t be losing any of the image when it’s displayed.

The frame isn’t inexpensive.  The 25” model is $599 and the 35” model is $899.  While many people would spend that on a single painting they love, with the Memento, you can display paintings, photos or posters that suit the mood every day, every season.

Load up to 3,000 photos in its internal memory, group them into playlists, and enjoy up to 64 different playlists. Imagine one for family get togethers, another for boy’s poker night and a third for the ladies’ garden club meetings.

Playlists can be cued up in just seconds with the handy Memento app, available for iOS, Android or with apps for PC or Mac.

It’s also energy efficient, shutting down or switching to a “nighttime”playlist when it senses the lights have gone off. It will also brighten or darken the image as the ambient light changes throughout the day. No more fidgeting with a remote, trying to optimize the image.

The Memento is also the perfect gift for a home-bound relative. Whenever you shoot or find a photo they would love to see, you can remotely upload it to their frame from anywhere in the world. Imagine their delight to see pictures of your next vacation, day by day as you travel, added magically to their current playlist.

Installation of the Memento Frame

Before installing the frame in a remote corner of your house, I’d suggest making sure your home wi-fi is working properly at that location.  Lean your frame against the wall in the area you want it mounted, plug in the power adapter, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to your network. If you have a good wi-fi signal, set the frame aside and proceed to mount the bracket.

The frame comes with a wide bracket, custom-made to match your frame. Try to hit at least one stud, and making sure it’s level, simply screw the bracket to the wall.

If you will be concealing the wire in the wall, drill a 1/2” hole and fish the wire into the attic or basement.  Alternately, you can use the flat wire kit and paint it to match your wall surface.

Connect the wire to the frame, and then lift the frame onto the bracket.  Plug in the power adapter and enjoy.

Stay tune – in an upcoming article, we’ll be featuring 7 awesome ways to further utilize the Memento Smart Frame.

Disclosure:  Memento provided a frame for us to try to complete this review. As always, opinions are all our own.  

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