If you’ve ever worked with cheap aluminum BBQ tools, you know the frustrations. Now, I can honestly say that I’ve found the most durable set of BBQ tools I’ve ever used – great heft in the handle and heavy duty stainless steel and heat resistant POM handles.

Each tool has been personally designed by WÜSTHOF’s Executive Chef, Michael Garaghty (a.k.a. Chef Mike) and will quickly become your ‘go-to’ BBQing tools of choice.

The four-piece BBQ set comes with:

Turner/flipper  At 6-1/2” inches long, with beveled edges, the turner is big enough to flip two burgers at a time and is hefty enough to easily lift those items that have started to stick to the grill. The perforated paddle helps foods to easily slide off and the offset handle makes it easy to flip your food.

Fork  This rigid fork is capable of carrying big loads (think a heavy turkey) without bending.  With two curved tines, you’ll be getting great leverage and holding power when you grab your BBQ specialty du jour. At 15 inches long, you’ll have great reach for even those little items at the back of the grill.

Tongs  Spring-loaded, these tongs easily pick up most all foods with their scalloped tips. From dainty vegetables to big thick steaks, these tongs will deliver your dinner without losing its grip.

Basting brush  This was my big surprise when I first opened this set. Similar to the other three pieces, you start with a nice long handle, hefty enough to last a lifetime.  Add to that, two brush heads – one medium and one large brush – for laying on delicate oils or for smothering your ribs with your best heavy sauces. They both just slide onto the handle and are held in place with small detents in the handle. (So, the four-piece set really comes with five pieces.)

Each of the tools has triple-riveted black handles made of POM (heat resistant high-density Polyoxymethylene) that resists fading and discoloration. Each tool also comes with hanging rings for hanging on the grill or for storage. All tools are dishwasher safe, however, hand washing is recommended as with all fine cookware.

Product Highlights:

  • WÜSTHOF’s signature triple-rivet design.
  • Heat-resistant high-density POM handle construction. (CAUTION: Handles should never be exposed to direct heat or flame).
  • Easy care nonreactive stainless steel.
  • Tools were designed with long enough handles to protect your hands from flare-ups, but short enough to maintain control.
  • Brushed stain-free steel that is strong and durable without being too heavy to manage.
  • Built for balance and comfort.
  • Ring at the end of the handle to hang on grill hooks.
  • Dishwasher safe (but hand washing recommended).

For more information:

Check out WÜSTHOF’s mini-site, just for BBQing. See more information on the tools as well as recipes.  For more reading, you might be interested in this review of the WÜSTHOF’s travel set.

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Disclosure: WÜSTHOF provided us with this BBQ set so that we could complete this review; however, as always, all opinions are strictly our own.


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