The big screen of iPads gives iOS users something more than what they might get from their iPhones. There are greater entertainment opportunities and everything seems to double up for them. But they can have even more fun on their tablet by choosing the right type of apps from entertainment to productivity and turning their iPad into a real powerhouse.

So, here are some of the best iPad apps that you must consider downloading in 2017.

  1. Facebook

Nothing can be more entertaining than socializing on iPad. And no better platform is out there for socializing than Facebook. So, Facebook might be the first thing that you’d want to have on your iPad. iPad users can download Facebook app for free and enjoy connecting with their friends and spending some crazy moments on a clean interface.

  1. Flickr

Those avid photographers would love downloading Flickr on their iPad. So, if you have that nag of sharing photos online then Flickr is certainly a must for you. The iPad app really gives you a perfect experience when it comes to viewing and sharing photos. For using Flickr on your iPad, set up your account first and then share unlimited photos publicly. The account can be created from within this app as well.

  1. SoundCloud

If you’re a music lover and love searching out what’s trending lately, SoundCloud gives you just that. The app even lets you collect playlists and individual tracks, follow different artists as well as your friends and discover everything from podcasts to news. No sign-in is needed for using the app. However, it is recommended that you create an account on SoundCloud and sign into it for taking full advantage of personalization.

  1. YouTube

Take full advantage of that big iPad screen and use it for browsing unlimited YouTube videos with official YouTube app. Whether you want to enjoy the latest tracks from Justin Bieber or just have fun watching your favorite comedy show, the optimized YouTube app for iPad gives you a better experience than what you might have got accustomed to on your desktop. One feature that you might like, for instance, is that you can simply swipe down on a video that is playing and browse everything else on YouTube while that video continues to play in split-screen towards the lower right side of the screen.

  1. Dropbox

If you are already using Dropbox on the web from your PC and on your iPhone then it’s worth having it on your iPad as well and syncing everything up. You can use the cloud storage for keeping your documents, photos, videos and everything else securely on a cloud server. Everything that you keep on Dropbox is backed up automatically and you can access it from all the devices you use with internet access. As you can use it on several devices, you can easily save, view, and edit files from anywhere you like. For using this application, you will need to have an account on Dropbox.

  1. Slack

Slack is getting ever so popular among teams and groups these days. In fact, workplace teams use it to its full potential. It’s nothing but a private messaging service that is meant for teams. There are subdivisions within the app according to topic or interest-specific channel. People who are part of a particular channel can send messages across that channel and read what’s coming from other users. It is also possible to invite new members to join the team. And, if you think a channel is not meant for you then it is possible to either mute it or simply leave it.

Slack really gives you a highly customizable and clever option of letting your team connect and communicate. It is possible for team members to post images, web links and documents as and when needed. They can even react to posts using silly gifs and emojis from within the app.

  1. Groupon

You might have heard about Groupon already – the popular coupon website. Well, you can now access it right from your iPad using the official app that is available for free. There are some of the most incredible deals available and you can manage to save anywhere around 70% at most on retail price. The best part is that Groupon app works fine in around 500 cities all over the world. So, you can even use it when you’re traveling and catching up with your friends in some other part of the world.

So, double the fun by equipping your iPad with some of these wonderful iPad apps in 2017. Your tablet will be more useful and more functional than ever when these apps are installed on it.

Guest post by James Barret