If you’ve ever been without power, you know the feeling.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s your phone that just ran out of juice or your car’s battery that drained and you can’t start your car.  Both result in a feeling in the pit of your stomach that isn’t good.  With a Jolt all-purpose jump starter, the feeling will be gone in an instant.

Jolt - flashlight and jump starter

The Jolt, Part Name TT-JSF5 will:

  1. Jump start your car, multiple times if needed
  2. Recharge your phone multiple times
  3. Provide a ultimate heavy-duty, super bright flashlight
  4. Give you a way to break a window, should you be trapped in your car.

Made of industrial strength metal, the flashlight is equipped with a CREE 16 1,000 lumen LED light with five distinct modes.  Each time you have press the button, it will cycle through low, medium, high, defensive strobe and SOS flashing pattern. Rated IP63 for water resistance, you can safely use it year round.

The back side of the flashlight has a flip open cover that reveals the USB-A charging port.  The internal battery hold 5,100 mAh of charge, easily enough to recharge your cellphone multiple times.

There is also a micro-USB port that you can use to recharge the battery.  The third connector in this area is the port where the jumper cables plug in.

Jump starting a 12-volt vehicle, motorcycle, boat or ATV is easy with the compact, spark-proof cable attachment.

Heaven forbid that you should ever be trapped in your vehicle, but this flashlight is tough enough to break any window or windshield, enabling you to get out.

Just like most Tough-Tested products from Mizco, the Jolt comes with a five-year warranty – one of the longest in the business.

All accessories store neatly in a divided, two pouch, zippered carrying case. Check out the Jolt and their whole line of ToughTested products at the ToughTested website.

Disclosure:  Mizco International provided us with a sample Jolt flashlight so we could perform this review.  No compensation was paid, and as always, opinions are strictly our own.


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