Willett Distillery“I’ve watched too many people retire and fade into the woodwork, including losing my dad just a year after he retired.  That made me realize that there is too much to see and do out in this big world, and there’s no time to start like right now. My personal bucket list is so large, I think it will take another ten years to get everywhere, but I don’t plan to stop trying anytime soon. And if I can do it – so can you.  Follow along and hopefully we’ll inspire you with some of our travels.”….Doug Bardwell

After 25 years of traveling for corporate clients, Doug Bardwell is now concentrating on freelance photojournalism, traveling to places on his personal bucket list and those suggested by his readers. In the last six years, he covered 40 countries on five continents and plans to get to those two other continents by 2020.  This year, Doug and Maureen’s roadtrip will take them to state’s number 49 and 50, completing Doug’s sweep of all 50 states. (UPDATE – We did it. #’s 49 & 50 are in the bag!)

Insider's sneak peek:

Doug and his wife Maureen formerly both wrote for Examiner.com where they published over 1,000 articles about travel, outdoor rec & adventure as well as travel technology. They began writing for Examiner in 2010. Doug continues to write about real estate development as a regular monthly feature contributor to Properties Magazine. Many of their travel and tech stories are now enjoyed by the 60-million monthly readers of Medium.com online.

Doug’s photos and articles have appeared in CBS Online, CNN, NBC television, Medium.com, Long Weekends magazine, Huffington Post, SPA newsletter, Iberia Airlines, North Coast 50 Plus magazine, Technorati, and dozens of blogs in the US and UK. TripAdvisor considers him one of their senior contributors.  His photo library continues to grow and can be seen at BardwellPhotography.com.

“We work extensively with Visitor Bureaus and Public Relations firms to visit destinations all over the world.  While we are hosted extensively, that doesn’t color our recommendations. What might be good for one person, might not be for another. Count on us to give you what’s best about the destination.”…Doug Bardwell

Doug and Maureen’s personal blog, DougBardwell.com, carries current articles, links to most of their writing and photographs, as well as travel gear recommendations. Each of their posts is distributed to the thousands of their social media followers. Doug was recently noted as one of the “most searched for” individuals on LinkedIn.com and his reviews on TripAdvisor.com are in the top 1% most read.


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