Guest Posts



Thanks for your kind words about my blog and I’m so happy you are interested in providing content.


  • We do accept guest posts.  We have a special place in our hearts for those getting started writing as well as those experts with great followings.
  • This is a business however and therefore for everyone else,  we charge for any posts that are promoting a commercial link.  Typical fees to promote your business start at $100 and go up.
  • We never promote gambling, sex, dating, drugs, or offensive sites – at any price.

If still interested, pick the column that applies to you and read on:


Beginning writers

If you are getting started on your writing career and want to place an article or two, we’d be happy to look at your work and possibly feature it on our site without charge.  Feel free to pitch us with ideas you have in mind that fit one of our three topics:   travel, photography or tech.  If we like the idea, we would then need to see the entire article. If we do publish your article, we’d appreciate you promoting it as much as possible on your social network and we’ll do the same.  You are welcome to attach a short bio, a photo and a link to your Twitter or LinkedIn profile.  Please click below and contact us.

Subject matter experts

If you are very well known in the fields of travel, photography or tech, feel free to pitch us with story ideas. If you’ll provide links from your site to ours and promote the article, we’ll do the same, no charge.  Again, please pitch your ideas or send completed articles for us to review and we’ll be in touch promptly. Please click below.

Other guest writers

All other writers, business owners, PR people, publicists, etc. that want an article to link to your site will have to pay for the privilege.  If you think there is value in having links from our blog (and there certainly is) then we need to profit from the association as well. Feel free to contact us with story ideas related to travel, photography or tech for this blog and mention every link that you wish to include in the article. Upon review of the links, we will contact you with a price.  The article will still need to be reviewed and a quote is not a guarantee of placement. If this is agreeable, please click the link below.