Serious listening pleasure in a fun-looking pair of headphones that helps the planet

marley-headphonesWhat can you not like about a pair of headphones that sound great, look cool and come from a company who’s serious about helping the planet and its people?  The House of Marley has over thirty years of acoustic engineering experience and has come to market with a wide range of quality products in prices the normal audiophile can afford.

Walking the show floor at CES, I was amazed at the variety of different headphones that the House of Marley offer.  In-ear, on-ear and over-ear headphones as well as audio sytems (boomboxes.) If hip or chic is what you want, Marley has you covered. With earthtones and Carribean colors, you won’t be finding much boring white or black in these parts.

I’ve been using their Positive Vibration, on-ear headphones for a couple months now and can say that they are comfortable enough to wear all day and they have good enough sound quality that you would want to listen all day. They come with a 50mm high performance speaker – something Marley is known for.

I especially like the tangle free durable cord that is heavy duty enough for the occasional snag as you move through life.  The cord features an integrated microphone with three-button remote that works on most of the latest generation iDevices.  (My Classic 80 GB iPod would not respond to the volume buttons but the 120GB newer model does.)

The ear cushions are just soft enough that they feel good and yet block out much of the ambient noise for a great listening experience. They are adjustable up and down to fit you perfectly while the headband sits firmly on your head.

Kudos to the packing designer as well. The engineering that went into their box is amazing. Too bad most people will toss the box once they get them home.

To see more of Postitive Vibration or the rest of the Marley line, check the House of Marley website.

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