The Tripad will be the next, ‘buy-it-now’ accessory for serious shooters

If you are a serious photographer and you always have your tripod with you, you now have one more item you MUST add to your camera bag…the Tripad. This sturdy but light shelf slips over the head of your tripod and becomes that third (or fourth) hand you always wanted.


You know the scenario…you’d really like to shoot tethered for all the advantages of being able to review each shot on your large laptop screen. But, without a separate table to put your computer on, it’s too much of a pain (and dangerous) to keep picking up the computer from the floor. I know, I’ve done it.

So you settle for reviewing your photos on the 3” or smaller LCD on the back of your camera. That’s equally dangerous and you’ve probably had it happen to you. You get home and you discover the dust, the ugly fence you hadn’t noticed in the corner of the frame, or something else equally obnoxious. Now with the Tripad, there’s no more reason to handicap yourself.

The two-piece Tripad slips together in a couple seconds and with one easy motion, it slides down onto your opened tripod, ready for action. The wide shelf easily holds any 15” computer and can even accommodate my 17” Dell Studio with just a ½” overhang on each side. It works on every tripod I own, from my studio Manfrotto’s, to my travel Benro, and even my lightest-weight, aluminum Slik.

But that’s just the beginning. Integrated into each Tripad are two pull-out shelves. A simple pull on either side of the main shelf produces extensions for your mouse, external hard drive or maybe your cup of coffee. They’ve thought of everything.

TripadWhile you are traveling, it makes a great impromptu tabletop as well. Use it for eating, watching a DVD movie or use it for your field guide while bird watching. With its 50# capacity, chances are it’ll hold more of a load than your tripod will. This is one accessory that should last a lifetime and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. It’s made in America and it’s made of recycled materials.

Check out the Tripad website for this and their companion product, the Tripad Traveler – designed to slip over your suitcase handle.