A short-course in how to shoot like the pros

TheDigitalPhotographyBook-PartFourTired of surfing the web for “how-to-recipes” on improving your photos? Do you want your photos to be those that amaze your friends and flatter your subjects? Does it seem like just too much work to read the manual, but you really want to make your new digital camera shine?

Consider photography’s most prolific writer, Scott Kelby, with his latest publication – The Digital Photography Book – Part 4. Just like the three volumes that proceeded it, this is an “open-me-to-any-page” type book that is chock full of helpful tips, sugggestions and illustrations, all of which are designed to help you bring back the best shots possible.

Instead of chapter-long explanations of techniques, Kelby packs each tip on one page with a photo of the results obtained or the settings required. Got 20 seconds? Learn a new technique. Got 60 seconds? Learn three new techniques. It’s that easy.

Part 4 can be read without reading the earlier three volumes (but chances are you’ll go back to get them as well.) It covers:

  • People photography
  • Using hot shoe flash
  • Pimping out your home studio
  • Lense tips
  • Using natural light
  • Nailing those landscape shots
  • Awesome travel shots and how to get them
  • Sports shots like the pros shoot
  • What you need to know for HDR shots
  • DSLR Video
  • Pro tips for grabbing great shots
  • Recipes for particular type mood shots

Devoid of techno-babble and professional jargon, this compendium of tips is easy to understand and fun to read. Kelby intentionally designed the instructions to be just like a good friend would tell you…”wanna shoot like this…set the camera like that.” No excess details, no preaching and no note taking required.


Parts 1 thru 4 - the boxed set

This is one book (or maybe all four) that you’ll love picking up when you’ve got a few minutes to spare and want some great photo shooting ideas. Guaranteed you’ll love it.

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