Lakeside, Ohio is one of only four remaining Chautauqua communities in the United States. Tucked into the Marblehead Peninsula, in northwestern Ohio, this small community offers a perfect get-away location for young families, active couples or golden-agers.

Arriving at this gated community, you’ll need to pay a daily admittance fee for yourself and your car. Once inside however, just about all the community’s activities are free however.

Enter on West 5th and turn left on Maple Avenue to reach the activity center of Lakeside. Maple Avenue will take you all the way to the pavilion on the shores of Lake Erie. From here you can go swimming, take sailing lessons, fish off the pier or relax in the abundance of Adirondack chairs on the pavilion’s porch.

Turn around and take a short walk on the curved path to your left to enjoy miniature golf, horseshoes, or Lakeside’s signature sport – shuffleboard. In Lakeside, everyone takes part in this free, fun and low stress sport.

To really get around like a local, head right on Second Street and go one block west to Sypherd Cycle & Rental Center where you can rent an electric golf cart.  Now you can explore the entire community or hit either of the two large parks with beautifully maintained tennis courts.

If you decide to spend more than a day here, consider the Hotel Lakeside – a National Historic Landmark.  Built in 1875, the hotel faces Lake Erie and offers wonderful views of the nearby islands.

Time to eat? The quintessential Lakeside meal comes from Sloopy’s Sports Café.  They are known nationally and internationally for their pizzas. Be brave and order the Homefry (with French fries and bacon) or their new award-winning Hibachi pizza.  Your taste buds will thank you.