[Article first published as Fastest backup solution for your digital life on Technorati.]

With the rash of bad weather, everyone should be thinking about protecting their digital files. A backup plan that you can set and forget is ideal; because, once you’ve downloaded your files, they are immediately sent to the cloud for safekeeping.

In case of flood, hurricane, fire, etc., your entire computer could be gone in an instant, and even with backup copies in your home, they could be gone as well. The only true answer is to have your files stored off-site. The newest and possibly the best service available now is a company called CrashPlan.

CrashPlan+I’ve been using the system for the past two months and I’m very impressed. They offer multiple plans depending on your needs, but I chose CrashPlan+.  All my files (and I’m talking a huge number of files) are backed up to the CrashPlan server and can be recalled from any computer or even my iPhone or iPad.

You can also back up your files to additional computers – either your own or your family’s. This would be perfect for those carrying for an elder parent who lives alone. All their files could be backed up to a separate computer in your home.

One major difference between online services like Carbonite and CrashPlan is that CrashPlan does not throttle their upload speeds. That means CrashPlan will accept your files as quickly as your computer can send them. Carbonite slows down the transmission of the files, causing it to take three to four times longer to get them uploaded.  CrashPlan is so convinced of their service that they are offering a year free to Carbonite users, so they can see the difference firsthand.

Even if you’ve never used an online backup service before, they offer free 30 day trials to anyone at http://crashplan.com. Their tech support people are great and you’ll get quick responses. Give them a try – I’m sure you’ll like the results and it might even help you sleep better.