With football and outdoor soccer seasons now in full swing, you owe your tush a comfy seat to sit on. Let’s face it, football bleachers just aren’t the most comfortable places you can find. With an amazing number of choices, you might consider looking at the Crazy Creek line of folding chairs for activities of just about every type.

I recently had the chance to try out two of their sports chairs in action.  The Hex 2.0 is their lightest, go-anywhere chair and the Air Chair Plus is an engineering masterpiece for sitting or sleeping.

Crazy Creek foldable chairs

Hex 2.0

Crazy Creek  Hex 2.0When you want to travel light (like my wife always does), you want a folding chair that will fold up small, but still give support and comfort. The Hex 2.0 let you sit upright or recline back, simply by adjusting the side straps. The outdoor folding chair is covered with a ripstop nylon so it’s plenty durable.

Support comes from the light weight, but durable, carbon-fiber stays. It’s available in three models – original, long back and power lounger, with a flip out flap for your feet.

Overall, the Hex 2.0 Original measures 15.5” wide and 33” long.

Air Chair Plus

Crazy Creek Air Chair PlusWith a few good puffs of air, you can inflate the Air Chair Plus into a really comfortable and thick air mattress for your back and bum. Just like the Hex 2.0, you can adjust your seated position from upright to leaning back by releasing the side straps. When fully inflated, you are sitting on 2-1/2 inches of air.

With that much inflation, I totally guarantee you’ll never feel those aluminum bleacher seats again. Again, the outer shell is ripstop nylon for durability. Deflated, it rolls up into a four inch diameter roll and is secured with a couple attached quick release fasteners.

But that’s just half the magic. In the back of the chair, there is concealed another air chamber which can be pulled out and inflated separately. Now, with the addition of this extra section, you can use the Air Chair Plus as an air mattress.

While testing out a tent recently, I set it up on less than smooth ground and was extremely happy to have taken the Air Chair Plus along for under my sleeping bag. Rated up to 250# capacity, it easily held me for a great night’s rest.

As a seat, the inflatable chair is a generous 20” wide by 43” long. The sleeping pad adds another 27” of length for an overall length of 70”.

Check out the whole line of Crazy Creek folding chairs for camping, hiking, backpacking, boating, beach or bleachers. Or, see their line at one of these retailers.

Recommended for Seniors.

DougBardwell.com awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for Crazy Creek’s folding chairs. Provides comfort while sitting on hard bleachers or ground. Hex 2.0 is super easy to use and very lightweight to carry. The Air Plus Chair, while providing more cushioning, does require adequate lung strength to inflate.

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