I’ve tried many windshield and dash mounts over the years, but never found one as bulletproof as the PanaVise line. Their cellphone holders are just amazing – both for their grip and for their flexibility. I tried two different models after first seeing them at the Consumer Electronics Show, and they both shine.

PortaGRIP Hands Free Phone Mount – #15504

First thing you’ll notice with this holder is how large a phone it can handle. Up to 3.75” wide. That’s my Samsung S4 with almost an inch left over. The slide arms will also adjust down to 2.25” in case you’ve got one of those SlimFast phones. Press one button and the sides slide wide-open and with one grasp, you tighten back up against your phone. Super quick.

Secondly, so that this thing is maximally universal, the side arms and bottom feet move to avoid your specific phone’s controls and buttons. Genius.

One final point, these mounts can handle even odd shaped phones like my Nokia 1020 with its 40+MP camera that protrudes from the back of the case. Lots of other phone holders won’t work with a specially shaped phone like this.

The suction cup really grabs the windshield and two joints in the suspension arm allow for maximum adjustment in the angle you want to display your phone. Your phone can easily be mounted horizontally or vertically and easily changed back and forth depending on your application.

PortaGRIP with Telescoping Suction Cup Mount – #15509

Got a deep dash?  Don’t want to stretch over the dash to reach your phone?  This is the model for you.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, the shaft extends from 13-1/4” to 18” and locks in position. Multiple locking knobs and a ball joint insure that your phone sits exactly where you want it and at exactly the right angle.

This thing can even do backflips…well, maybe that’s a stretch.  But if your want easy access for either passenger or driver, you gotta check this out.

The suction cup on this model has a plunger/locking tab that really grabs the glass. Even with my heaviest phone, this stays rock steady.

Check out PanaVise’s website where they carry an amazing line of not only phone mounts, but camera, AV, GPS and speaker mounts. They also have some fabulous looking hobby vises for whatever your craft.

Their nickname is the “hold it anywhere you want it company”, and they aren’t joking.

Recommended for Seniors.
DougBardwell.com awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for PanaVise’s auto phone holders. When you want something that is sturdy and easily adjustable, PanaVise has the experience. These things make a great way to have your phone handy and are easy to transfer from car to car.