The Fugoo speaker (pronounced “foo-goo”) is a speaker that can change its appearance, play forever (well almost) and rock your world.  It’s everything-proof and multi-mountable.  Okay, let’s elaborate, one by one.

Fugoo Style and accessories

Change its appearance

The unique core of the Fugoo always stays the same, but you can purchase it in one of three designs – Style, Sport or Tough.  Buy any one and you can change to another by purchasing a different skin.  I’m using the Style option – it’s a slick looking, silvery mesh with a water resistant cloth covering that looks – well -stylish.  The Sport jacket is a more durable cloth bonded to a fiber-reinforced resin shell.  The Tough is made from fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum.


Play forever

Did you ever have an external speaker that pooped out before the party was over?  I’ve certainly used a bunch that did.  Not the Fugoo.  This thing goes 40 hours on one charge.  No party goes that long – at least none I’ve been to.  And if it does – it’s a simple matter of plugging in a micro-USB cable to keep it going. Three and one-half hours will completely recharge it.  Gotta love this.

Rock your world

For its small size (2-1/8”x6-1/2”x2-5/8”) and light weight (15.6 oz) this thing packs some great sound. It houses two tweeters, two mid/woofers and two passive radiators.  They face both sides so you get 360 degree sound. Expect up to 95 dB SPL –A at ½ meter. That’s 6 watts of audio power in a mini package folks.

Bluetooth stereo sound and a line-in port allow you to use this with whatever type music player you want. There’s even a waterproof remote you can wear while swimming to control your tunes.

Fugoo 0195

Everything proof

Shockproof core is designed to survive bounces, drops and heavy handed treatment. Drop tested from six feet.  Snow-proof, dust-proof and water-proof (up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.)

Fugoo 0194


Didn’t get a chance to try any of these, but you can order mounts for your bike, carabineer clips and strap mounts for mounting to your closest tree, pole or younger brother’s leg.

Fugoo 0191

There’s so much to like about the Fugoo, you really need to check it out.  Stop over to for all the impressive details. Comes complete with audio cable, charging cable and 110v adapter, plus a cloth carrying case (for the accessories – not the speaker.)

For more information, learn about this speaker’s capabilities in these YouTube videos: