The Rode NT-USB comes with a travel pouch and is ready to hit the road; but it delivers sound just like you were in a studio.  The NT-USB couldn’t be simpler to set up – on a Mac, PC or iPad.

Setup of the Rode NT-USB

Unboxing the NT-USB, you’ll see it’s a simple matter to screw on the supplied tripod base – ideal for recording at your desk.  Plug in the USB cable to the mic and to your laptop, set up default selections for recording and playback devices, and you’re ready to record.

My only hint on the setup was to watch the balance level (the upper adjustment dial).  At first I didn’t have it turned far enough to the left, and couldn’t hear myself in the headphones.

Introduction video

Setup with Windows 8

Setup on Mac OS X

Well that was simple

Okay, so there’s not much to write about the installation, it’s dead simple.  How about the specs and the quality?

  • NT-USB is a cardiod microphone with 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range. The dynamic range is 96dB with 110db SPL.
  • All A/D conversion is handled on-board.
  • Power comes from the USB cable
  • Net weight is 1.15 pounds (520g.)
  • The NT-USB features zero-latency stereo headphone monitoring with a 3.5mm jack, allowing the user to monitor the microphone input in realtime. Dials adjust the monitoring level and mix between the mic and the computert.
  • A premium pop-filter is included, and fits onto the base of the mic.
  • The build quality is excellent and the NT-USB comes with an extended 24 month warranty. A QR code is included to take you to the warranty form online.
  • With each microphone, you’ll receive a 20 foot (6 meter) cable, so you can easily connect no matter where you stand or sit while recording.

Rode-NT-USB-5947First impressionsRode-NT-USB microphone

I absolutely love the quality and sound of the USB-NT.   I’ve recorded a number of presentations for customers at my rather noisy desk, and the microphone has done a great job of delivering quality recordings.  Here’s my first video recorded with the NT-USB.

Ready to buy – here’s a list of dealers around the world that stock the NT-USB:


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