Everybody’s got stuff. And stuff tends to be unruly if it’s not organized. With GearTie from NiteIze, you can get your stuff together and keep it together. Use them once and you won’t want to be without them.

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I first used the small Clippable twist tie with carabiner some months ago and fell in love with the system. The ties are so durable and yet easy to adjust that it’s a pleasure to use.

So often, in the past, I’ve tried to reuse twist ties for a number of applications, but the wire is so thin, you really need to almost use a pair of pliers to get them to hold anything of any weight.  That’s not convenient.

With the NiteIze GearTie, the larger diameter makes all the difference and the rubber coated exterior helps grip whatever you are twisting it around.  The larger diameter also protects your items, not cutting into soft surfaces.



For yourself, or for a friend, you can get started with a selection of all different size GearTies in one handy pack.  The Gear Tie Tube Assortment (MSRP $24.49) gets you some of each of the most popular sizes:

  • Three 3”
  • Three 6”
  • Two 12”
  • Two 18”
  • Two 24”

Check out their whole line at the NiteIze website at: http://www.niteize.com/default.asp.

Recommended for Seniors.
DougBardwell.com awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for this item. Easy to use, this item is something that would make an excellent gift for that special senior on your gift list. See other “Recommended for Seniors” products on our special Seniors page.



Gear Tie Asst Bag 8 Pc
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Price: $19.94
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