I first ran across a bidet while traveling in Poland. I subsequently discovered a heated bidet toilet seat in Taiwan, and oh my, what a difference. Sitting on a heated seat, set to your desired warmth, is just the start of the whole experience.

Swash 1000 by Brondell

Swash1000-0107I’ve been using a Swash 1000 bidet toilet seat for almost a month now and absolutely love it.  It’s cold now in northern Ohio and sitting down on a heated seat is one of first things you’ll notice. But that’s just the start.

The Swash 1000 is the top of the line from Brondell and offers so many options that you’ll want to read to instructions before you begin so that you don’t miss any of the features.  Actually, all the features are listed on the remote control, and it’s just as simple as pressing a button.


There are buttons for front or rear cleaning to suit both men and women.  Another button cycles through the stream settings from single jet, to wider to widest streams. Two other controls allow the stream to be moved forward or back (select from five settings) or another button makes the stream flow back and forth automatically. When done, push the air blower button for drying.

All the aforementioned controls also can be adjusted to your preference with low to high temperature settings. There are also settings for a sanitizing cycle and deodorizing.

Click here for a list of all the Swash 1000 features

Swash 1000 installation

Before you order, make sure to measure the dimensions of your existing toilet so that you get the proper model. They make two models (round and elongated) and they come in two colors: white and biscuit.

The Swash bidet seats take the place of your regular toilet seat and are easy to install.  I typically mess up any plumbing job I ever attempted, so it was with some trepidation that I decided to install the Swash by myself.  It actually went without a hitch and there have been zero leaks since its installation. A pair of channel locks and a screwdriver was the extent of my toolbox.

Need more reasons to buy?10-29-2014 2-02-43 PM

It’s incredible how much toilet paper is used daily in this country alone. Check this graphic.

While the Swash won’t solve that entire problem, if nothing else, it makes a great start to an environmental problem. I’ve already noticed a much longer life per roll in our paper supply. And yes, while it does use water, it’s less water than is used in the toilet paper manufacturing production.

If there are seniors in your home, they will certainly enjoy the benefits if they are afflicted with incontinence, arthritis or other mobility issues. It’s also ideal for anyone with hemorrhoids or other anal irritations. Women (especially pregnant women) will certainly enjoy the benefits of easy and comfortable hygiene afforded by the Swash bidet seat.

For more information or to order

The Swash website has full details on all four models of their bidet seat available from the basic non-electric 100 model to the ultimate model 1000. Be forewarned, once you use one, you’ll never want to sit on a cold seat again.