This morning I had the good fortune to meet with Dr. Roger Billings and his team from GoldKey. They have just released what is bound to be the gold standard in smart watches for some time to come.


The Gold Key Secure Communicator will sell on its looks alone, but when you peel back the veneer, there’s so much more to like, that at first you tend not to believe it. This is a stand-alone cellphone packed into a smartwatch – so leave that iPhone at home for the kids – you can do everything now on your watch.

Let’s count the reasons

I’ve only started to digest all the things this watch is capable of, but already some specs jump out that show this watch is a serious tool for those who want to stay connected.

It tells time with either analog or digital watch faces

It accepts a SIM card from either AT&T or T-Mobile and functions as a smartphone or speakerphone. Great voice quality through an 8 ohm speaker.

It has a beautifully crisp 240×240 pixel screen (1.54” square) that’s incredibly easy to read

Powered by Android KitKat – it will let you load any Android App you can find on the Play Store

It has a 5 megapixel camera onboard and takes HD video

The wristband has an antenna imbedded for increased performance

GPS is built in – so you’ll never get lost – unless you want to

Bluetooth connectivity lets you utilize wireless earphones, speakers or headsets

A dual-core processor keeps things humming

Lasts 24 hours on a single charge and recharges with micro-USB cable

8GB of internal storage for programs and photos

Create your own Wi-Fi hotspot with your cell signal

And music….oh, you aren’t going to believe the sound quality of this amazing little device.  Some stand-along speakers don’t sound this good.

This watch is not water-proof – so don’t wear it in the shower.

GoldKey-7731 GoldKey-7733GoldKey-7736GoldKey-7735

Now if that weren’t enough, the real secret sauce is GoldKey Security with 256 bit encryption (military grade) so that your phone calls, emails and vault storage is totally safe.  And that’s saying something!  Hardly anything can claim to be totally safe anymore – just ask Hollywood, but GoldKey has been specializing in security for 14 years.

A special soft token will be issued when you register for your account, (no more dongles to carry) and when entered on your Communicator, you’ll be free to safely transfer information, without worry of it being intercepted.

Stay tuned for more about this amazing device as I explore more of its capabilities, but in the meantime, check them out online or place your order at


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