TomTom – makers of my favorite GPS units, have just completed a study on the most congested cities around North America and around the world.

Traffic Congestion


The good news for the US is that only Los Angeles finished in the top 25 cities with the world’s worst congestion.

Looking at the next 25 worst, San Francisco comes in at 26, Honolulu at 43, New York at 45, and Seattle at 46. If I have to be stuck in traffic, I guess I’d opt for being 43rd…in Hawaii. Luckily, my hometown of Cleveland comes in at 144 (or 51st in the United States.)


TomTom Traffic Congestion infographic

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Click here for a detailed look at the worst cities in the US, and then select “North America” in the first pulldown and “United States” in the second.

“TomTom’s mission is to reduce traffic congestion for everyone,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, President of TomTom USA. “Our traffic data shows that there are opportunities for businesses, road authorities and drivers to use TomTom’s real-time traffic information to help ease the impact of rush hour traffic for road users every day. In addition to recognizing the impact of rush hour traffic, the TomTom Traffic Index can help road authorities measure the performance of their network and pinpoint areas where traffic flow can be improved.”

It’s interesting to note that TomTom is based in Amsterdam, a city that has all but abandoned the automobile with over 1.5 million bikes used in the city.

Amsterdam bike riders

To take advantage of TomTom’s real-time traffic information, you need a GPS unit that offers that capability. Check out these units for some possibilities:

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