If you can afford the best, you owe it to yourself to try the Swiftpoint GT mouse. Windows 10 ready, you’ll be flying through your touch screens with unparalleled ease with the Swiftpoint GT.

If you’ve ever tried a “mobile” mouse before, chances are you were disenchanted with the durability and the reliability of a miniature mouse.  Didn’t you always wish there was one, functional enough that would actually work.


Now there is and it is even more functional than all the full-sized one’s presently sitting on your desk.

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With a special ball on the bottom, you can now “flip” across your touch screens, just like you would if you touched the screen – but your hand never has to leave the desktop surface.  Just a slight tilt of the mouse enables this feature.

I’ve used the Swiftpoint GT for over a month now and it is a pleasure to use.  It took a few days to get comfortable changing from “claw” grip to “pen-styled” grip, but now I can use it quite effectively, and I love being able to use it on the palm rest of my Ultrabook.  That means I can now work quite efficiently, even with the computer on my lap.

The GT works either via Bluetooth or via USB; but the little USB dongle provides a magnetic rest for the mouse, so it won’t slide off when you close the lid and walk around with it.  It also magically recharges the mouse for at least one hour’s operation within the first 30 seconds it’s magnetically attached. Genius. I’ve never once needed to stop work to recharge it.

There are plenty of cheaper mice on the market – but you’ll find none better than the Swiftpoint GT. These guys have really done their homework.

Check out their website for more photos and videos. You’ll find that it even works with Android, Macs and iPads.

Disclaimer:  Swiftpoint provided a GT for me to use doing this review.


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