Depending on when you last experienced a George Foreman grill, it may be time to repay them a visit. This new Evolve grill is nothing short of terrific.  Grill, bake, cook, sear…the George Foreman Evolve grill  (GRP4800R) does it in no space at all.

George Foreman Evolve

George Foreman Evolve grill

One of the most “commented on’” features of the new 4-in-1 Evolve grill is the new “Sear” function.  Turn it on and it heats the grill to 500° for 90 seconds to give your meats that sealed in goodness, just like the restaurants do.

Sear feature on the George Foreman Evolve grill

Another favorite feature on this grill is the easy to change adjustable cooking angle. When you’re cooking fatty meats, you want the fats to drip off; but, when you are cooking waffles, eggs, etc., you want the grill flat.  One quick quarter turn is all it takes to level out the grill surface or set it back on an angle – no tools required.

The ceramic cooking surfaces all remove easily with just a slight pull on the “cool-to-the-touch” handles and in most cases, can be wiped clean.  If time doesn’t permit, toss them in the dishwasher – it’s perfectly safe.

ooking surfaces come off the George Foreman Evolve grill and are dishwasher safe

Cooking a big meal or a thick piece of meat? The hinged lid system will accommodate even the thickest cut of meat. And, the front panel of the upper grill has a handy time chart to give approximate cooking times.

Cooking chart on the George Foreman Evolve grill

Digital timer and temperature settings are all done at the push of a button, and are displayed conveniently atop the unit so you can see how much cooking time remains.

But what about accessories?

The Evolve grill is really a “system” of interchangeable grill plates to perform a host of cooking duties.

Options include:

GFP84GP Shallow griddle pan

GFP84OP 3-Serving omelet and snack plates

GFP84BP Deep-Dish Bake Pan

GFP84SP 6-Serving Mini-Burger and Slider plate

GFP84WP Waffle Plates

GFP84MP 6-Serving Cupcake and Muffin Pan Insert

Real life with the Evolve Grill

Over the past few days, we’ve been putting the Evolve through the paces, making a raft of different dishes. We enjoyed no fuss, “watch the fat roll off” bacon

Bacon prepared in the George Foreman Evolve grill


Breakfast omelet over shredded potatoes

Breakfast omelette prepared in the George Foreman Evolve grill


Easy Oven Cheeseburger Sliders (from Cathy Mitchell’s Dump Dinners cookbook)

Dump dinner in the George Foreman Evolve grill with deep bake dish installedSliders prepared on the George Foreman Evolve grill


Thick pork chops with seared-in juices

Pork chop cooked on the George Foreman Evolve grill


Not all Evolves are equal

Depending on where you buy yours, different options may or may not be included:

At the grill includes the waffle plates. provides the Bake Pan and the Muffin Pan with theirs.

In any case, all the other grill plates are available as accessories.


Bottom line – you’d love one

The Evolve is ideal for small meals and small kitchens when space is at a premium, and when easy clean-up is a “must-have” item. Check them out online at George Foreman Cooking.

Recommended for Seniors. awards their Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating for this item. Easy to set up and easy to use, this item is something that would make an excellent gift for that special senior on your gift list. See other “Recommended for Seniors” products on our special Seniors page.

Disclaimer:  George Foreman Cooking provided me with a unit to do this review