Smartphone Scope Mount

You’ve got a smartphone that takes high-quality video and stills, and you’ve got a high-power spotting or hunting scope.  Putting them together was Smartphone Scope Mount’s dream, and they’ve succeeded. Now you can mount your smartphone to either a spotting scope or a rifle scope and watch right through the optics.

Through a series of high-quality components, it’s now possible to mount your smartphone and capture video or stills either though your scope or alongside your scope. If you are using one of the latest smartphones, chances are they have a special case for it. If not, they have a universal mount which should work for all the others.

Smartphone Scope Mount showing mounting plate

High quality machined parts keep everything locked in alignment for great shooting


For this “first impressions” video, I mounted the Scope Mount to my Swift model 841 spotting scope. The base plate connected the Scope Mount to my tripod base and let me attach the Picatinny rail to either side for maximum flexibility in cameraphone mounting.

From there, a double ball-head joint enabled me to perfectly line up my cameraphone with my spotting scope. It took a bit of trial and error, but I eventually got it just where I wanted it. Tightening things down, I was pleasantly surprised how rigid the assembly was – meaning I could remove my phone and reattach it repeatedly without having to realign the assembly. Notice, your cameraphone never actually touches your scope.

Smartphone Scope Mount  does not attach to your optics

Notice that your phone never touches your optics


There’s nothing worse than being out in the field shooting, and your cameraphone’s battery starts to die. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, there is no 110v outlet nearby, and if you are shooting an iPhone, you don’t carry a spare battery.  Smartphone Scope Mount has you covered there as well with the built-in 2,800aHh battery. Just plug in your phone’s charging cable and continue shooting.

Smartphone Scope Mount showing battery pack

Charge any phone with your own charging cable


Watching the video I shot, you can probably expect even better results because this was shot on an extremely gray day and I’m shooting through a window pane in my front room.

In any event, I just received the unit today, (it’s actually a pre-release version they sent me for testing), but I’m mighty impressed with it. I was up and shooting in less than an hour and that was even without an instruction manual. They also sent me additional accessories so you can use just about any smartphone with this universal mount or mount it to your rifle or shotgun with the additional clamps. The possibilities are endless depending on the setup you purchase.

Depending on the model you select, you can mount it to your spotting scope, your rifle or shotgun, your bow or crossbow…you can even set it up to work with a tablet. Give them a look, it’s the Smartphone Scope Mount.

Act Fast

As of 4/22/15, their Kickstarter was already funded, but you’ve got until April 28 to get in on the Kickstarter special pricing.  Don’t delay – get over to Kickstarter. and checkout the Smartphone Scope Mount