I’ve been driving the past few months with a Thinkware X500 dash cam – and luckily I haven’t had any misfortune registered yet, but that isn’t the point.  Stuff happens, and after it does, it’s too late to say “I wish I had bought that Thinkware X500.”  It needs to be in place before the sky falls.

Thinkware X500 dash cam mounted on my windshield

Top reasons to have a dash cam

  1. Prove Who Did It

When someone crosses the line, crashes a stop sign or heaven forbid, intentionally backs into you at a red light, dash cam video is invaluable. The Thinkware X500 that I’ve been using even senses the impact and makes a secure recording for you to save for the police and insurance company.

  1. Keep You From Doing It

One of the amazing features of the X500 is the warning systems you can activate to protect yourself. The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) alerts you when your vehicle strays out of the present lane without using your blinker. The Front Collision Warning System (FCWS) alerts you if you are approaching the car in front you too closely. Ever driven when you are tired?  This could save your bacon.

  1. Safety Camera Alerts

Built into each Thinkware X500 is a database of 10,000 speed cameras and red light cameras in the US (18,000 in the UK). As you drive along, before reaching any of these locations, the X500 will alert you audibly and remind you to check your driving. It’s even programmed smartly enough to know which direction you are headed and not alert you if the camera is only pointed the opposite direction.

  1. Watch your new drivers

The X500 can record both front and rear facing video when equipped with the additional Rearview Camera.  Now you can monitor your young drivers driving skills on the road and see what they are doing in the car at the same time.

  1. Record the memories of your trip

Memories of your vacation or just some wonderful event on the way to the store is so much better when you can share.  A video, whether you post it on YouTube or just share with friends, means it will last a lifetime.  The X500 records in high-definition, one minute video clips which can be uploaded and shared like any other video.

Here’s a wonderful video of “Do Good” motoring incidents in Russia.  Don’t worry if you don’t read Russian, the message will become instantly clear.

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