Now there’s a flash you can carry easily in a pocket, but will make a huge impact on your iPhone photos.

Nova Off-Camera Wireless Flash for iPhone

Nova Bluetooth Flash held in hand

First to come up with a Bluetooth off-camera flash for iPhone, Nova has gone a step further letting you sync multiple flash at the same time.

Four Nova Bluetooth Flash used in one shot



Up to 10 Nova Bluetooth Flash units can be controlled by one iPhone with the newest v1.2 app. (Look for the “Nova Camera” app in the app store or you’ll be wading through a mine field of game apps if you search for “nova”.)

Nova Bluetooth Flash with 40 LED's

While the flash is perfectly sized to fit in your wallet, it’s a bit thick, the same thickness as six credit cards, and I’m guessing you’ll prefer a shirt pocket or purse. In either case, when it’s photo shoot time, you’re going to love having this infinitely adjustable light with its 40 warm and cool, slightly diffused LED’s creating the illumination for your photos.

Nova Bluetooth Flash allows beautiful off-axis lighting

After loading the app, press the “flash” shaped icon to bring up your controls where you can pick warm or cool light (or a blend), and the amount of light. Hold down the “test” button and the light will come on as long as you hold it so you can adjust your placement…it’ll probably be brighter than you imagined, so this is your time to refine it. Then fire away.

After your shot, go into Photo Editor where you’ll be given a plethora of editing choices including one of my favorites, “Focus” where you can keep your subject’s face in focus while blurring the background around him. There are dozens of others including cropping, vignettes, frames, stamps, drawing and meme capabilities.  The editor is almost worth the price of admission by itself.

Check out the Nova Bluetooth Flash at or for a better deal, get a four-pack of repackaged Nova’s for only $44.25 each.  That’s the start of a cool photo studio for only $177.

Disclaimer: Nova provided a unit for me to test to do this review.