Part two in our 2016 RV adventure series

This is our first experience driving a large RV, and while I often wondered about the advantages of traveling like this, we are now quickly getting some real life examples.  For us, a pair of senior travelers, the idea of RV travel has proven its worth multiple times already.  Being able to change plans and travel as the mood hits us has been extremely liberating.

This is part two of our series on traveling in large RV’s. If you missed article one, you might want to go back there to learn more about this unit that we are driving from Planet RV in Broward County, Florida.)

Class C RV’s can be very liberating

Flexibility is key when you are driving a Class C motorhome.  You’ve got newfound advantages both on the road and at your destination.

After picking up the unit, our first stop was Walmart, where we loaded up with some food, some wine and our paper products.  The unit came with sheets for the beds, a pillow. toilet paper and necessary chemicals. With our purchases, we were now self-sufficient for multiple days.

As we mentioned in our last article, we made a spur of the moment decision to not drive all the way to our destination the first day we rented this unit.  No problem, as everything we needed to spend the night was on board.

A rolling kitchen

Getting up the following day, we decided to drive a few hours before stopping for breakfast.  Checking the map, we located a potentially scenic roadside park just off I-95 in Indiatlantic, Florida, and stopped there for breakfast.

[Images from Indiatlantic, Florida]

While I got out and photographed the area, Maureen fired up the stove and made a delicious breakfast. It was extremely warm that day, but with the motorhome’s large rooftop air-conditioner going, she was just as comfortable as being home.  Instead of spending $30+ for breakfast, our groceries cost us under $5, and we had exactly what we liked.

With a three burner stove and a microwave available, you can grab a hot coffee or tea whenever you like.

A rolling bedroom and closet

We like to travel extremely casual – shorts and a comfy tee-shirt, but often you need to arrive at your destination dressed more appropriately, say for fine dining.  Not an issue.  Simply pull over to the side of the road, pull down the shades at your windows in the RV and change.

[Images from Tybee, Georgia]

As we drove through Tybee Island, Georgia, the beach and the surf called us to come explore.  Parking on the street, we were able to do a quick change of shoes and be off to the surf in a matter of minutes. Coming back, the outside shower head made quick work of washing off the sand stuck to the bottom of our sandals.

After walking the streets of Savannah, when we got back to the RV, we were tired and hot – really hot.  We immediately fired up the generator and turned on the air conditioning.  Changing into our coolest clothes, just sitting there in the cool air felt so good, we stayed much longer than we anticipated.

[Images of Savannah, Georgia] 

A rolling rec room or den

I downloaded some photos and started typing this article, while Maureen caught up with the family back home and did some reading. Cool beverages were available in the refrigerator and we just “chilled” for about an hour before continuing on with our explorations.

Back at the campground, you could hook up your unit to the cable TV feed and watch your favorite shows while lounging on the comfortable sleeper sofa or sitting at the dinette table for four.  Even without a cable hook up, we could raise the rooftop antenna and select from 20+ channels of local over-the-air HD-TV available.

Whatever you want to do

We’re only on day three of our 2016 RV Adventure, but we’ve been favorably impressed with all that a unit like this enables us to do.  From keeping my six-foot-tall tripod open and ready to use at a moment’s notice, to being able to change clothes whenever the need arises, we are loving this motorhome.

Follow along, and in our next article we’ll give you a tour of the inside of our vehicle.

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