We returned the Class C motorhome after traveling to Georgia, and now we are venturing out again in a Class A motorhome from Planet RV in Broward County, FL.  Flying into Fort Lauderdale, their location (3030 Burris Rd, Davie, FL 33314) proved to be perfectly central to the places we wanted to visit.

We wanted to see Savannah, GA and it was an easy 6-hour trip north in the Class C.  After picking up the Class A RV, we were off to explore Florida’s southernmost destinations – Key West and the Everglades.  We’ll finish off with Southern Florida’s largest outlet mall outside Fort Myers.

But show us the motorhome

Our biggest request from our current series of articles was to see the actual interior of the RV’s we were using.  So, instead of making you wait until the last article of the series, we’ll start out by telling you about both the inside and outside of this 37-foot Thor Challenger Class A motorhome.

Interior of the Thor Challenger Class A motorhome

Opening the door to this motorhome, was in a word – breathtaking.  The cabinetry, the appliances, the four TV’s and oh, yes, the fireplace, were totally unexpected.  The kitchen featured Corian tops with removable sections for the sink and cooktop. The large microwave also functioned as a convection oven – genius. A big refrigerator and freezer provided plenty of space for our week’s worth of groceries.

The kitchen area of the Thor Challenger Class A motorhome

In the bedroom, a king-sized bed, an oh-so comfortable mattress and a separate rooftop air-conditioner made nighttime totally comfortable.

With doors to both the bedroom and the dining area, the bathroom was perfectly convenient as well.  A five-sided corner shower was spacious enough to not feel cramped and a conventional-sized toilet was the best I’ve seen in an RV.

Three slideouts added extra space to the living room, dining room and bedroom. The living room actually expanded both ways, with the leather sofa bed sliding out to the right and the entertainment center with 32″ flat screen TV and fireplace sliding out to the left. The two leather captain’s chairs in the driver’s compartment could spin around for conversation or TV watching.

The well equipped living room in our Class A motorhome

With that introduction, here’s a quick video tour of the Thor Challenger’s interior:


Let’s talk about the driver’s compartment

One of the biggest differences you’ll notice is the size of the windshield and side windows in the driver’s compartment. They are freaking huge.  You couldn’t possibly ask for a better view of the world around you as you are driving. You’ll need to balance all that view with the associated sun-gain that comes through windows that large.

The front compartment console does a great job pumping out a lot of cooling from the air-conditioner in the dash.  Add to that, two six-inch fans are mounted in wire cages on the ceiling, and can be directed at the driver and passenger.  A full-width black mesh sunscreen can come down when driving towards the sun, and an opaque screen comes down for privacy at night.

Lastly, if absolutely necessary, curtains can be drawn to block out the sun.  Since the rearview mirrors are mounted well forward, the driver will still be able to see if anyone is alongside as you are driving. (I don’t recommend it, but if you are roasting in the sun, it is one way to block the heat.)

Seats for driver and passenger are very wide, leather covered and very comfortable. Think Lazy Boy more than typical van style seats. The drivers seat is power operated for front-back as well as up-down.

Does it look as good outside?

In a word – youbetcha!  If you’ve see those sleek motorhomes that transport rock stars to their concert venues, then you’ve seen how sleek modern Class A motorhomes look. While Class C motorhomes may be the perfect vehicle for you, they look a little awkward with that bumpout over the driver’s compartment. With a Class A, it’s straight sides all the way around. Even the front is totally vertical, similar to a Greyhound bus.

So without further to do, here’s the exterior tour.


With so many good-sized locking doors under the chassis, you’ll be able to store empty suitcases, all your sports gear and any additional camp chairs, tents, or inflatables that you might want to bring along.

If you haven’t deduced it by now, this rig totally impressed me.  It’s luxury on wheels like nothing I’ve driven before.  Learn more at Planet RV;  3030 Burris Rd, Davie, FL 33314;  954-514-7860


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