Everyone deserves a break, even when you’re a senior living on a pension. With the health benefits that comes with travelling it is often recommended that people over the age of 60 stay as active as possible. In research conducted by AARP, baby boomers tend to go on an average of 4-5 trips in a calendar year.

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There are three top motivators for their personal travel:
• 57% go to get away from normal, everyday life
• 55% go to spend time with family and friends
• 54% go to relax and rejuvenate

However, planning a trip is not always easy for traveling senior citizens. Most spend at least a couple of weeks or months planning their vacation.

To make this process easy for you, we have listed down the top travel tips you will need to consider when planning your next vacation so that it is equally stress-free as it is memorable.

Pack light

Even if you’re going for more than a few days, it’s important to pack light. Take a limited amount of clothes and consider doing laundry throughout the vacation at your chosen accommodation. Fit all of the necessary things in a roll-aboard suitcase instead of a big bag.

What if I’m going somewhere cold? Leave the bulky jackets at home. It’s ideal to layer with light clothing to keep you warm rather than carry a big jacket with you wherever you go.

Use a small sling bag or body strap bag that you can use to put important items in such as your eyeglasses, medicine, money, passport, etc.

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Use a wearable GPS device

Wearable GPS devices are not only for those with debilitating illnesses – anyone can benefit from wearing them. They help users identify their exact location and most pair with standard issue smartphones.

While many wearables can be worn on the wrist, there are some that can be placed on clothes or shoes. Telogis highlighted a wearable technology that utilizes a connected shoe insole to track the exact location of the user. This innovative technology has been lauded by many experts because it is ideal for help track patients with dementia if they were to wander off.

“The GPS-enabled insole fits into most adult shoes, and the location can be tracked using any web browser, smartphone or tablet. Users can also set up text and e-mail alerts if a predefined area is entered or exited,” explained the blog post on how GPS changes the way we live.

There are also wearables that track your location and also double up as a smartphone due to their built-in mobility features. SmartWatches has listed down the best GPS trackers and senior wearables on the market to give you an idea of what to consider when looking to purchase the latest tech innovations.

Watch what you eat

It’s normal to get excited by the gastronomic delicacies that every travel destination brings, but you still need to be careful of your food intake. As we get older, diet is a major concern, and the need to eat healthier only becomes more important.

In an e-book entitled ‘Travel Secrets for Seniors’ by Adele Thomas and Ely Lazar, the authors listed a few tips on how to stay healthy while eating abroad:

• Eat smaller portions
• Share dishes with your partner
• Avoid eating food at airports, on buses, or train stations
• Do not eat in a rush
• Make sure the food is cooked and freshly prepared
• Drink plenty of water
• Avoid soft drinks or alcohol

Some medication doesn’t sit right with people, so it’s best to consult with your doctor before you leave for a trip and get them to draw up a recommended list of foods popular in your destination that are off limits for you.

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Additional safety tips:

1. Get insured and understand the coverage your insurance plan offers
2. Never advertise your absence
3. Blend in with the locals
4. Keep family and friends in the loop
5. Wear comfortable clothes and leave the jewelry behind

The last tip is to enjoy yourself. Take your smartphone or a compact camera wherever you go and take photos to save as many memories as possible.


Guest Author - Allie Cooper
This article written by Allie Cooper.  You can follow her on her blog at https://alliespeakz.wordpress.com/