The BLACK + DECKER MultiPrep Slice ‘N Dice All-in-One cutting appliance (Model: SL3000BQ) is probably the fastest and most flexible way to slice your fruits and veggies when preparing a meal. It comes complete with all the tools necessary to slice, dice, julienne, shred, grate and cut.

MultiPrep Slice ‘N Dice

In addition to coming with a variety of blades and cutters, you also have control of your slicing thicknesses without ever changing a blade.  A handy lever on the outside of the slicer can be turned back and forth, changing the thickness of your cut as you work.

Without the proper tools, no one would ever try to julienne a potato by hand – just too labor intensive. Watch the video – it just takes seconds and viola – you’re ready to make hash browned potatoes.

And dicing vegetables – also, way too time consuming.  This comes complete with everything you need to create perfect 8x8x8mm dice cuts. This is the most time-consuming application to set up, but we are only talking about 15 seconds after you do it a couple times

Clean up is just as easy, with all removeable parts going right into the dishwasher.

For such a compact machine, this thing really pumps out the product.  It features a 150-watt motor, which is more than capable of keeping up with any job you throw at it.

User hints:  Get a big bowl to catch your veggies, and keep the pusher in the chute when you aren’t actively feeding more produce. They come out so fast, it’s hard to keep them contained without that big bowl.

One observation as well…I’m sure the B+D people engineered this for maximum performance, but it would have been great if the feed tube were larger. It’s only 1-1/2” x 2-1/2”.  Therefore, normal-sized tomatoes, potatoes, etc. all must be cut down to fit in the chute.

That said, this is one fine slicer and dicer – best I’ve seen.  See the BLACK + DECKER website for more information.

Disclosure:  We were provided with a sample in order to complete this review. Opinions however are strictly our own.

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