No trees. No Problem.  This lightweight hammock goes anywhere. The WindPouch Lite is actually an inflatable hammock that you can use anywhere.

WindPouch actually makes two units – the WindPouch GO and WindPouch Lite.  I got to test the latter recently and was amazed how simple it is to use.  I actually tried way too hard at first to fill the chambers with air. I ran up and down the street trying to fill the pouch with air – when all it really takes is a couple good swoops almost standing in place. Once the air is locked in by rolling the edges, it’ll hold for 6 to 8 hours.

On a really windy day at the beach, chances are you could just hold it up in the air and catch enough breeze to fill it without moving a step. And yes, you can use an air pump – I tried – but that’s cheating.

Made of Poly-Hex 210T (whatever that is) ripstop polyester, it’s not liable to rip easily. But, if you do, don’t fret, they include a couple peel-and-press patches in the box.

Blown up, the WindPouch is 88” long, will support up to 450 pounds, but, only weight a mere 2.6 pounds. For safety sake, so it won’t blow away when you get up, it has a built-in gear loop that you can lash to something at your camp or picnic site.

Reasonably priced, they are inexpensive enough that everyone can have their own, but if you like, they can be used as a couch, holding two or three people sitting sidesaddle. (Watch the 450# limit.)

They are available at and come in Seaside Blue, Moonrise Purple and Chartreusse Green.

Do you have one or have you used one.  Share your feeling about them in the comment section below.

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