I recently had the opportunity to try out the Smart Scale & Body Composition Analyzer from LifeCHARGE.  This is a Bluetooth-connected scale that tracks your weight and so much more.

By pairing your smartphone and your scale, you can record the weights of up to nine people, along with the associated body health measurements.

Smart Scale & Body Composition Analyzer measures 13 stats

Using Dual Frequency BIA technology (more advanced than my understanding) the scale is touted as having unmatched precision – measuring results with medical grade accuracy.  (At the same time, the brochure cautions you to not use the scale for clinical decisions.)

What I can tell you is that this is first digital scale I’ve used that gives me the same reading time after time.

In this test, I weighed myself and then started taking pictures of myself using the scale.  As you can see, the lowest weight is without holding my camera.  The next three measurements were all while I was holding the camera.  Dead on – time after time.

Also, worthy of note, the app gives you the option of which weight you want to add to your chart.  In this case, I only wanted the 162.6 measurement (without holding my camera.)  You can see from this chart, that it only added the accurate weight to my chart for Oct. 13.

Smart Scale & Body Composition Analyzer charts your progress

You also do not have to have your phone each time you weigh yourself.  The data is stored in the scale and you can upload the results to your phone whenever you feel like it.

It’s very easy to use – just step on and it turns itself on and off.  Four AAA batteries allow you to place it on a hard surface floor anywhere you like.  Just don’t put it on carpet – that throws off the readings. It’s relatively low to the floor and made of tempered glass, so it’s very sturdy and steady to stand on.

The free app FeelFit is available for both Android and iOS devices. It interfaces with Apple Healthkit, Fitbit and Google Fit.

Check it out, along with LifeCHARGE’s other great products at http://lifecharge.com.


Disclosure: LifeCHARGE provided us with a scale to use for this review.  All opinions however, are strictly our own and we were not paid to produce this review.



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