When you are logging hour upon hour of exercise, nothing makes the time go faster that something engaging to listen to. Some people love to listen to music, while others prefer podcasts or audio books. In any case, these new Sbode Bluetooth wireless sports earphones can be just what you need.

Sbode Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Being tethered with a long cord from your headphones to your phone, just doesn’t work when you are exercising, biking, climbing, skiing…or for most any active sport. With these Sbode earbuds, the only wire is wrapped gently around the back of your head, and can be snugged up with the enclosed wire tie clip.

Using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology, these earbuds provide great sound quality with a range of 33 feet.  I’ve used them with remarkable success up to 33 feet away, even in different rooms in my house. The bass is nice and deep, and the treble sounds are very clear and distinct.

But, maybe the most amazing thing is the price…only $23.99 currently,

with free shipping for Prime members. They’ve got a five-star rating as well.

You can connect to two different devices, so you can listen to music with one and still receive calls with the other.

They are rated IPX-7 water resistant, so sweat or a light rain is no problem.

They have a great 6 to 8-hour charge life, so you can listen all day and they are lightweight and comfortable enough that you can keep them on that long. The earbuds come with three different size buds so each person can fit themselves as desired. They recharge via micro USB in about 1-1/2 hours. You can even monitor your earphone’s battery life right on the face of your smartphone.

There’s even a so-called “Super Button” that lets you connect with Siri, to ask the time, weather, or get directions.

Check out these awesome wireless earbuds on Amazon.  You’ll be surprised at the quality for a price this low. Enjoy!


Disclosure:  Sbode sent me a pair of headphones to test for this article, but opinions expressed are strictly my own – as always.

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