Being retired often means being able to take the trips you’ve wanted to take since your youth. Now you have the means to afford them and the time to see new places properly, but where should you visit? Behold, the top vacation spots for retirees:

Amalfi Coast

Italy is always a good choice for the food alone – you’re sure to eat your weight in pasta and pizza during your visit – and you should see its incredible Amalfi Coast at least once in your lifetime! Driving the 50km that makes up the Amalfi Coast will give you access to the breathtaking sights of mountains, villages and sea that are sure to be the highlight of your vacation, and there are plenty of small towns along the coast to explore.

Photo Credit: Kirk Fisher


If you’re feeling adventurous, you might like to spend a few days exploring Tokyo and visiting its quirky cafes and themed districts, but if you prefer a quiet vacation, Japan still has plenty to offer you. Stay in a traditional Japanese inn with a hot spring (onsen) for a relaxing experience, or visit Kyoto for its geishas and teahouses; either experience will give you a newfound appreciation for Japanese culture.

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Greek Islands

You can really take your pick here – Greece is home to over 150 inhabited islands. Many are popular with rowdy stag parties, though, so you might like to stick to something a little quieter! Try Santorini for picturesque views, Corfu for culture, Crete for incredible local food and a plethora of history, or Naxos for sunbathing and swimming. Try visiting in the low season (mid-October – mid-April) if you don’t want to have to endure hordes of other tourists and sweltering hot temperatures.

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The thought of suffering through freezing cold weather for days on end as part of a vacation probably doesn’t appeal to you, and for good reason, but why not take a cruise? Alaskan cruises are a fantastic way to enjoy the rugged scenery of the state and its magnificent wildlife without having to commit yourself to too much time in one place. Cruises can also be a great place to meet other retirees, and require a lot less planning than traditional holidays, due to the common all-inclusive packages.

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South Africa

Fancy a close-up look at wild animals? Consider taking a safari in South Africa. The country’s growing tourism industry has been steadily attracting visitors, and who could pass up seeing the incredible animals of Africa in their natural environment? Coupled with a stay in Cape Town, where you can take a helicopter ride over the city, a visit to South Africa is one of the most rewarding ways imaginable to spend a vacation.

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The youngest state, but arguably the most interesting, Hawaii can make for a great vacation. It’s easy to visit some of the smaller islands by plane, but there’s no shortage of things to do if you stay in Oahu, either. Whether you’d prefer swimming at isolated beaches or touring coffee farms, you’re sure to find something you love in Hawaii.

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New Zealand

New Zealand’s relatively isolated location means it still contains plenty of unspoiled beauty. Best explored by car, there’s plenty to do in New Zealand, whatever your interests are. You might like to go hiking, to visit its pristine beaches, or just to take in the incredible scenery! If you plan on exploring the South Island, consider flying into Queenstown and renting a car there. The surrounding area is known for being one of the most picturesque in the country, and there are plenty of worthwhile places to visit on day trips nearby.

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The world is full of incredible vacation spots for retirees, so take advantage of your freedom to explore and plan your next trip today!

Guest Writer:  Cloe Matheson is a writer from New Zealand with a passion for all things travel and adventure. She enjoys experiencing different cultures, trying local food and exploring new places. Otherwise, you can find her at a local café typing away while enjoying a good cup of coffee. You can find more of her work here.